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Public Awareness - A message from Jeff Greenwood

As a professional security service provider, Akme Securitas (Cyprus) Limited, congratulate the Republic of Cyprus for their acknowledgement of the important contribution that private and in-house security service providers make to public safety.

Alongside the Police the private security industry has a common goal to help protect the public, deter crime and minimise its effect on law abiding citizens.

June 2009, The Republic of Cyprus passes a Law that states, anyone conducting security services must be licensed as a company and as individuals working for such a company. Failure to complying with this law can/will result in a 30.000,00 fine and/or 2 years imprisonment.

As of April 2011 the official figures for compliance. Just over 70 companies and just over 500 individuals have applied and met the criteria. Even a cursory glance reveals these numbers are very small, therefore the number of companies and individuals conducting services unlawfully are much greater.

Does this affect me?

The risk to the public and private sectors, is that if you are using or are about to use the services of a security service provider and they are not licensed, then you must take into consideration, what have they got to hide by not being licensed? Is your insurance valid if things go wrong? Are you open for prosecution for not checking they are licensed? Are they correctly trained to carry out these services? The consequences can be more devastating than the actions of the criminals as these unlicensed security service providers are criminals themselves, by not being licensed. We are not trying to scare monger, but to show you the facts and possible repercussions.

Before employing anyone to conduct any security services, such as installing burglar alarms or employing physical security officers for events or as high profile visual deterrents, mobile patrols and key-holding you must as a precaution insist they show you the licence of the company they work for and the own license.

Be Safe don't be Sorry!

Jeff Greenwood, NdipSM,FINSTD
For further information
Ministry of Justice and Public Order
Police Headquarters
Evangelos Florakis Street
1478 Nicosia

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