Fully licensed and accredited to EU standards, complying with all local directives.

Akme Securitas Cyprus limited is licensed and Registered along with its entire staff with the Chief of Police Nicosia as required by The Law

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Home from Home or
Home Alone

Whether you are a permanent resident or the owner of a holiday property, the security of your property is something that is going to take on more urgency today and in the future. Unfortunately, crime is on the increase and properties can be vulnerable if you are away for 10 minutes or 10 months. You can be sure your property is safe with AKME, whether you are going around the town or around the world.


Your small business is the thieves Big Business
These days every business is aware of the value of computer and data security. Whilst data loss and the disruption it causes are an inconvenience they can usually be restored fairly easily. When thieves break into your premises and steal the means of your production and distribution then your business in is in big trouble. Our business is the security of your business, let us do our job, so you can be sure of doing yours.

Holiday Homes

Unfortunately, these days your Holiday Home is a prime target

Holiday Homes are considered to have an increased risk of being subjected to burglary. Your holiday home is one of your most valuable assets, and you should want to protect it properly. Many people want to have this asset working for them in the form of generating rental income. You also want it secure and in pristine condition for you and your family and friends to enjoy with the minimum worry, so you need AKME.

Countdown to Your Home being robbed

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I chose AKME Securitas, because I wanted a professional service by a company that operates to the highest standards, that is fully legal and can be trusted.

Y. Syrimis
Insurance Agent, Paphos