Medical Alert Monitor

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The new Medical Alert Monitor

The Medical Alarm Monitor that can be set to your own your specific needs and can adapt if your condition or circumstances change. It offers complete Peace of Mind in the home and complete Peace of Mind for your family
An innovative GSM alarm system for the elderly or vulnerable. Medical Alert is a reliable, innovative and comprehensive GSM emergency alarm.

Alert equipment linked to DEPENDABLE 24/7 MONITORING

Your emergency monitor is only as good as its Monitoring Centre
Akme Securitas provides a 24/7 immediate response to any panic alarm or voice contact with the subscriber.
Immediate contact with medical services, ambulance, fire or police
Communicates with nominated friend/family contacts
Provides backup from local emergency centres (eg Kamares EMC)s.


Central GSM unit plugged into mains electricity
Battery backup and low voltage warning
Waterproof wristwatch and neck pendant personal alarms
Audio reminder when to take medicines


Pressing the help button connects immediately to Akme's certified Medical Alert Care specialist
Our Care specialist assists you and alerts medical/emergency services
Our specialists then stay on the line until help arrives
Akme Securitas can provide additional backup until specialist help arrives
The Emergency Monitoring equipment provides two way contact with carer
If no voice contact, Akme will follow your specified emergency plan and call service/friends/family as detailed in your plan
Our specialists will also provide Email backup to specified contacts in the event of an emergency or incident

Console Alerts

Akme Securitas regularly interrogates your medical alert consoles and is able to determine if it cannot receive a signal (usually because someone has disconnected the console from the phone jack). Similarly, Medical alert can tell if the back-up battery is running low (usually because someone has unplugged the console from a wall outlet or plugged it into an outlet controlled by a wall switch and then turned off the wall switch).
In both instances, a Medical alert control room representative will call and/or send an engineer to visit and fix the problem

Personal Emergency

In the event of an emergency, Akme will call the relevant emergency services, and then begin calling the user's emergency contact list to provide the required assistance. An email notification is also sent at this time to ensure all members on the emergency contact list to be made aware that there is an issue. These alerts are particularly beneficial to specified friends and family who live far away from the user. The email notification complements, and is in addition to, our regular efforts to make direct contact

Growth Potential

We can install other home monitors including:
Gas detector
Smoke detector
Motion detector
Strobe siren warning that can be link-up to this devices to give an even more impressive cover and protection.

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Our 24/7 response system means we are always ready to respond to your emergency.

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