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Personal Security Escorts

To be a Personal Security Escort for a Client or Principal is a task of immense pride and responsibility. Our Escort Section Team members are qualified and trained to be efficient, courteous, diligent and to act with integrity in all they do.

The appearance and behaviour of Specialist Security Operatives is a direct reflection of the Principal/Client. We screen and vet all Operatives to BS7858 to ensure that standards are upheld and that we provide exactly what our clients are looking for.

Akme Special Projects is an ethical company that provides the highest standards of Operatives; A considerable percentage of Operatives provided by us have been Trained by us.

Close Protection Security Escorts can work as overtly or covertly as a Client may require. Akme has years of experience of providing the highest levels of Client Protection and has a wide range of experience from low visual operations to very high profile operations in the public eye. Personal Security Escort Protection, when handled by Professionals, will give ease and piece of mind to a Client.

Our Personal Security Escorts will complement the image you wish to convey. All are very well presented and will be dressed appropriately to suit the business or activities of the day./

Personal Security Escorts can work individually or as a team. Individual Security Escorts usually work closely with a Client and can be on hand 24 hours a day to assist with any security related matter.

If you require a team of Personal Security Escorts, we will endeavour to provide you with a team that have complementary Specialist Security skills - so they can assist you with a variety of security services.

We can provide Personal Security Escorts over a short duration or long term if you require.

Our Close Protection Personal Escorts can travel with you to any destination. If you require specific language skills please advise us of this as soon as possible.

Reputation and Integrity are vitally important in the Specialist Security Industry. Our work, our Clients and how we assist them is in the strictest of confidence.

We take our Clients confidentiality very seriously. We provide a confidentiality agreement prior to the start of any work detail and will provide this to you for inspection or for submission to your legal representatives.

As part of our standards, we provide our Clients with a full guidance/employment pack (as part of our quality management system) and this pack will detail our working arrangements and conditions as well as our method of operations.

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