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'Burglary', a word that everyone is afraid to use, even though there are thousands of victims every day around the globe. You may say that the situation is not so dramatic here in Cyprus, BUT this is not true anymore! In Cyprus crime is on the increase and everyone is at risk that is a fact. Of course the level of the risk depends on the level of protection used.

Does this sound familiar to you? Or someone you know?

Is your post box overflowing, is your car covered in dust, are there no lights on in the evening? If you answer "Yes", then you are at a greater risk than most, because you are giving significant information to the burglars, that your property is not occupied regularly and you are an easy target for them.

So what can you really do to protect your property
and deter that un-wanted visitor?

The most common solution is to install an intruder alarm system. There are many various products you can choose from - Wired, semi wired or completely wireless alarm systems, all are different in price and design, but all have one goal: To deter the burglar before he decides to break in to your house or at least let you and other authorities know immediately that there is a burglary in progress, and appropriate actions can be taken immediately. Almost all alarm systems contain an outside siren with light and sound signals, which are highly visible from the outside of the house, which is a good deterrent.
Professional companies will usually provide you with stickers and warning plates as well, which are fitted around the outside of your property and clearly state to any "unwanted visitors" that your property is protected and monitored 24/7. Of course these are additional but very effective services to the alarm system, but not many companies are providing them.

The complete peace of mind combined package -
the alarm system combining:

24/7 monitoring, mobile response and secure key holding, maintained by a professional security company is the most secure solutions to protect your property, giving full responsibility and accountability to your security service provider, and not putting your self, your family or friends at risk much better value for money, than buying the services separately.

it`s always better to act now, rather than being just another crime statistic!

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